What is the Purpose of a Swimming Pool Cover Pump?

What is the Purpose of a Swimming Pool Cover Pump?

Purpose, Swimming Pool Cover Pump

Swimming in a clean & beautiful pool sounds nice. But, if no proper maintenance accessories get installed around the pool, the swimming sessions become a mess. A Swimming Pool Cover Pump is an essential tool for swimming pools, And in this blog post, we will emphasize its intended uses & advantages.

What is a Swimming Pool Cover Pump?

A Swimming pool cover pump is a device placed on the top of a pool cover and drains the accumulated water through a discharge hose. These devices are usually small, lightweight, and portable, which makes them an easy-to-use device in pool maintenance schedules.

The key to selecting the right cover pump for your pool is to consider some factors before buying it. Those characteristics are the following:

  • Pool cover type (Automatic/Manual)
  • Size and style of the pool cover
  • Water volume capacity
  • Durability
  • Weather Conditions of your area
  • Electric Safety measures
  • Drainage facilities

What is the purpose of a Swimming Pool Cover Pump?

A Pool cover pump is a versatile device used for many purposes. Some of them are the following:

Circulating & Removing the Stagnant Water

It is the primary role of a pool cover pump. It removes excess water from the pool cover surface that accumulates on the pool cover because of rain and other reasons.

This pump removes the water, protects the pool cover, and increases lifespan. In addition, it also helps you to secure the health & well-being of your family members because stagnant water can be a source of different micro-organisms leading to infections. Because the cover pump removes the standing water, you get saved from these contagions.

Draining the Pool & Protecting it from Overflooding

In addition to the stagnant water removal, a Swimming pool cover pump can also get used for draining the pool. This way, you do not have to spend extra money on pool drainage accessories and can achieve two goals with one shot.

Other than that, overflooding of the pool is a common problem among swimming pool owners. If you frequently face water overflooding issues with your swimming pool, you can invest in a pool cover pump because, with this pump, you can effortlessly drain the extra water.

Miscellaneous Uses

Along with water removal & drainage, there are some other uses of the Swimming Pool Cover Pumps are as follows:

  • Filling the pool with water
  • Pumping water into the pool surroundings
  • Clearing the water from a clogged drain

What are the benefits of using a Swimming Pool Cover Pump?

Benefits of Swimming Pool Cover Pumps

Two Models of Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Pumps

At Designer Pool Covers, we prefer quality over quantity. So, for the sake of simplicity, we offer two types of Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Pumps that are as follows:

Because these Cover pumps work automatically, they are compatible only with some of the following types of pool covers:

These Automatic cover pumps prevent water accumulation, protect the pool cover, and keep the water clean of algae and other debris because the water gets regularly circulated and does not stay stagnant.

5 Tips for using a Swimming Pool Cover Pump

Tips for using a Swimming pool cover pump


Do I need a pump for my pool cover?

Yes, it is a necessary tool for your pool cover.

Can you run a pool pump with a pool cover on?

Yes, you can use a pool pump above the pool cover surface because it works more effectively and keeps your pool cover clean.

Can you leave a pool cover pump on all the time?

No, we do not suggest keeping your pool cover pump running at all times because it may increase your electricity bills and can damage the pool cover.

Do I Need to Install a Pool Cover Pump When Building a Pool at Home?

When building a pool at home, installing a pool cover pump is highly recommended. This device helps remove excess water that accumulates on the pool cover, preventing damage and ensuring optimal functioning. By investing in a pool cover pump, you can ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your at-home pool.


Thus, a pool cover pump is a must-have tool for swimming pools. It offers multiple benefits that may increase the lifespan of your swimming pool, saves the energy you spend on cleaning, and economizes the cost of pool maintenance.

Designer Pool Covers is a South African company dealing in pool covers and accessories like cover pumps. All the equipment – we listed in this blog post is available on our website. So, if you live in South Africa, contact us for the best deals because we offer high-quality products and have branches in all the major cities of South Africa.

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