Thermal Blankets

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Solar Blankets are exceptionally and innovatively designed to utilize the sun’s rays primarily for 2 functions:


• to warm the pool water directly below the cover

• to act as an insulator (during the evening, windy times etc.)


They are available in various micron polyethylene variants with UV inhibitors and come with warranties. These covers float on water, bubble side down and can be custom made for any pool size and shape. These covers can be used for home, school, gym, industry and agriculture and other commercial type pools.



• Industry leading covers that meet various standards

• Excellent heating benefits (5 to 10 degrees Celsius)

• Extended swimming season

• Reduce evaporation of water and pool chemicals

• Prevent debris from entering the pool

• Reduces costs on cleaning, electricity, water and time

• Lightweight – making it easy to open and close the cover


• Durable, tough and quality tested