Thermal Blankets

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Thermal Blankets


Solar / Thermal Blankets are exceptionally and innovatively designed to utilise the sun’s rays primarily for 2 functions:

  • to warm the pool water directly below the cover
  • to act as an insulator (during the evening, windy times etc.)

They are available in various micron polyethylene variants with UV inhibitors and come with warranties. These covers float on water, bubble side down and can be custom made for any pool size and shape. These covers can be used for home, school, gym, industry and agriculture and other commercial type pools.

Energy Guard Geobubble Pool Blanket

This innovative cover reduces a pool’s power consumption and saves on household electricity costs. The EnergyGuard thermal cover has a dark grey surface with a black underside. The EnergyGuard GeoBubble cover inhibits light entry into the pool, preventing photosynthesis and making it difficult for algae to grow or survive. This, combined with its thermal properties, yields several benefits for the pool owner.

A circle with arrows pointing in different directions symbolizing thermal movement.

Evaporation Control

A diagram of the water cycle with a sun and thermal blankets.

Selective Transmission

A diagram illustrating the thermal flow of water in a body of water.

Heat Retention

The word algae on a thermal blue background.

Debris & Algae Control

  • Grey and Black in colour (Mid night Blue when Raised against the Sun )
  • 500 Microns in Thickness
  • Prevents Algae Growth
  • Heats the pool by 7degrees
  • Retains Heat
  • Savings on Chemicals
  • Savings on Electricity
  • Prevents Evaporation

Our GeoBubble® Thermal Blankets float on water, bubble side down and can be custom made for any pool size and shape. These covers can be used for home, school, gym, industry, agriculture and other commercial type pools.

  • Roll up station – Manual or Automated (for convenience and to keep it tidy and out the way)
  • Protective Cover (protects from sun when rolled up)
  • Leading Edge (easy to pull in and out of pool and reduce water getting on top of cover)
  • Wind protection tools
  • Chlorine levels need to be checked and be stable at all times to increase the lifespan of this product.
  • Always remove your cover when treating your pool with chemicals.
  • A well-balanced pool saves time and money.
  • Most importantly – when it’s covered, you’re saving!

Thermal pool blankets are a layer of insulation floating over the top of a pool. A thermal pool blanket aims to maintain the swimming pool water temperature, reducing the cost of heating the entire pool.

Think of thermal blankets like a winter coat or wall insulation. Using insulating materials and a unique GeoBubbleTM design, our thermal pool covers reduce heat loss from the pool and serve as a protective barrier, preventing dirt, debris, and other detritus from contaminating the pool water.

Thermal blankets can be used for indoor and outdoor pools. No matter your pool size, the water temperature will remain the same with a thermal blanket. In fact, bigger pools risk losing more heat and being more costly to keep warm. So, you’re likely to see greater power savings from using a thermal pool blanket.

Yes! Thermal blankets 100% work – like all forms of insulation, they use tiny air pockets inside the thermal pool cover to reduce heat loss between the pool surface and the air. Our pool covers all come with UV inhibitors, preventing ultraviolet light from penetrating the solar blanket. UV rays can affect your cleaning chemicals, meaning you can reduce your chemical consumption.

Finally, pool blankets are a physical barrier between the pool and the outside world. The thermal blanket keeps the pool clean where dirt and debris would normally fall into your pool water. And it prevents evaporation from the water surface into the air – further reducing chemical and water usage.

Yes. Our innovative, exclusive pool cover design uses EnergyGuard GeoBubbleTM technology to reduce the energy consumption needed to power the pool’s heating system. The simple design has a dark grey surface and a black underside to lock in your pool’s heat.

Moreover, the EnergyGuard GeoBubble cover limits light entry into the pool. The result is less UV rays and less photosynthesis, thereby preventing algae growth. Indeed, it’s often assumed that thermal pool covers only lock in heat. However, the benefits are much broader. With the leading-edge design, such solar blankets reduce evaporation, maximise heat retention, provide debris & algae control, and selectively transmit the warming sun’s rays through (but not UV rays).

It’s truly a remarkable invention.

Known as thermal pool blankets or solar blankets, such pool covers are widely available. However, most are little more than a floating foam sheet. To truly experience the greatest benefits of solar blankets, you’ll want to invest in the EnergyGuard GeoBubble thermal blanket.

Technically, our pool covers won’t “heat” your pool water. Instead, they selectively filter the sun’s rays to allow warming infrared light through but will block harmful UV rays. Moreover, the pool cover contains thousands of tiny air pockets – “GeoBubbles” – which reduce the heat loss from the pool surface. These insulating pockets mean you can reduce your energy for pool heating while keeping your pool toasty and warm all year round.

While you’ll want your pool cover to lie on your pool when you’re not using it, you want to have an easy storage option when it’s time to enjoy the pool.

Our pool covers can be fitted with a roll-up station for square or rectangular pools. It’s a simple roller – either automated or manual – from which the pool cover can be rolled or unrolled onto the pool’s surface. There’s also a protective cover, which protects the cover from the sun when rolled up.

For non-symmetrical shapes, pool covers cannot be stored on a roller. Nevertheless, pool covers are light and easy to roll up – meaning you can pack it away in minutes.

No. We can create a solar blanket for your pool, no matter the shape. Whether your pool is a typical rectangular shape or it has a rounded edge, our pool covers are made to measure. You can still experience all the incredible benefits of a new solar blanket, no matter your pool’s shape.

However, non-symmetrical pools cannot be fitted with a roll-up station – as the pool cover is likely to get caught when being put away. In such circumstances, we’ll discuss your best options.

No. The primary benefit of a solar blanket is to reduce heat loss from the pool. It does not act as a safety cover, preventing people from drowning. For example, children or pets cannot walk on the pool blanket without falling in.

We do also sell safety covers – essential when there’s a risk to young people or pets. Our pet and child safety covers are supported on all sides to act as a protective barrier.

Our thermal blankets include the blanket alone. However, you can also add:

  • The roll-up station (manual or automatic)
  • The protective cover (for when the pool cover is rolled up)
  • The leading edge (makes it easier to pull in and out of the pool)
  • Wind protection tools

You’ll get the same energy-saving benefits for outdoor pools as you’ll get for indoor pools. The only difference is that for outdoor pools, the pool cover also serves as a protective barrier against dust and debris dirtying the pool water – not a problem for indoor pools. You can, however, expect a 7-degree increase in pool temperatures either way.

Whether you’re using the pool cover indoors or outdoors, always remove the cover when adding chemicals.

Having a solid pool cover is crucial for keeping your swimming pool safe. A quick Google search for “swimming pool covers near me” will lead you to a nearby supplier if you’re seeking for pool covers. There are alternatives to conventional pool coverings, such as pool blanket rolls that are simple to store and move with a roll up station or cart. These pool covers are a practical option for pool owners because they are made to be lightweight and simple to manage. There is probably a solution out there that suits your needs, whether you need a pool cover for your Bloemfontein home or a public pool in South Africa. Given the wide variety of pool covers out there, it’s critical to pick one that will last and offer your pool the proper level of protection. The appropriate pick will help maintain your pool in fantastic shape for years to come, whether you want a traditional blanket-style cover or something more modern like an automatic pool cover.

Please note: this is not a safety cover!

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