PoolLock V5M Easy Glide

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Designer Pool Covers have just launched their new Easy- glide manual safety pool cover, the V5M from PoolLock UK. The V5M is an improvement from any other manual system available on the market.

The features of the V5M gear and guided bracket system not only makes the cover easy to operate but also eliminates any possibility of fabric pulling out of the aluminium extrusions which could result in an unsafe product. For all Top track or Flat track installations when the track is positioned some distance from the pool edge, it is recommended to use an antifriction net on the area where the canvas slides over the coping stones / tiles / other pool surface.

Added Benefits

Designer Pool Covers offers total pool safety and protection for your family, friends and pets and help prevent pool related accidents. An automatic pool covers is the ideal safety device, the cover acts as a horizontal fence, completely sealing off the pool and preventing accidental access to the pool water by children, pets, and uninvited visitors. In the absence of supervision the automatic pool cover makes entrance to the pool virtually impossible.

Without access to the key switch controller which is built inn at a safe place and height, no one can force open the Hydraulic Safety Pool Cover from PoolLock. Legislation makes it compulsory that every pool must have a safety feature such as a net, fence or pool cover. As owners of Designer Pool Covers and as parents we encourage that every pool owner must have a comprehensive safety plan when considering having a pool.

We believe that an automatic pool cover is the most convenient way to start implementing this safety plan. It is our goal to provide you with the safest product available and to assist you to by making these products available at the most affordable prices available. We urge you to implement this plan today! Apply multiple layers of security around your pool. Remember, there is no substitute for proper supervision.

Removing the key from the switch ensures you that nobody can open the pool without your notice. When you close your pool, the complete safety is immediately provided.

By keeping the pool covered when not in use, the water evaporation is reduced to minimum and your pool water heating cost is lowered considerably. The pool is ready to swim in at any time. You save money on chemicals because its usage is reduced due to the lowered evaporation. The pool chemicals generally last twice as long.

PoolLock covers also reduce your heating costs because the biggest heat lost comes from water evaporation and this you will eliminate by covering your pool. The heating costs savings can be up to 70% compare to the heating costs of not covered pool.

PoolLock covers keep dirt, leaves and debris away from your pool. Simply close the cover whenever you do not use the pool, to keep it crystal clear. The cover reduces pool cleaning and maintenance.

You have designed and built the pool of your dreams to enjoy moments of peace and relaxation. Your pool is source of pleasure and fun for you, your family and friends. Do not waste your time cleaning it. With PoolLock covers you can enjoy your pool without worries.

The cover fits most pool sizes and shapes perfectly. The mechanism can be installed above or conveniently below the ground (hidden under the pool deck).

PoolLock covers give you option to choose either the most comfortable and luxurious automatic type or manual version of mechanism. Mechanism itself can be hidden below the ground or can be positioned above the ground.

You can also choose from various covering options for the pit area in case of below ground mechanisms or benches for top mounted mechanisms. There are also available many options of tracks, which the cover runs in. The choices are totally up to you depending on your demands and needs.

Installation Options

You can choose this installation if you do not wish to have much work done around your pool. The track is positioned on the patio or the coping stone along the pool and the mechanism sits on the deck level. It is the easiest solution for existing pools but can also be used for pools which are newly built. The TOP (or FLAT) track can be used for this installation and the mechanism can be covered with a bench for sitting on.

If you are willing to have some work done around your pool, you can choose this type of installation. The principle is the same as described above except the mechanism is positioned in the pit bellow the deck level. The pit for the mechanism must be built. You can choose either wooden or polymer lid to cover the pit and decide whether to use the TOP (or FLAT) track.

This type of installation is used only for rectangular newly build pools or pools which are being renovated. This is because the POCKET profile with the UNDER track must be installed under the coping stones. The mechanism is always installed bellow the deck level in this case, so the pit for the mechanism must be built. Except the lids mentioned in previous installation type, the aluminum tray for tiling can be delivered.

Be aware that if Hydraulic (fully Automatic) version chosen, the ducting for the hydraulic hoses between mechanism and the power pack room must be prepared for all types of the installations. Ducting should have minimum diameter of 100 mm, be without any sharp bends and the pulling string/rope should be placed inside of the ducting.