Pet and Child Safety Cover

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The pet and child safety cover is supported across the pool by aluminum battens that are secured into the PVC cover. The cover has a ± 300mm overlap on all sides and one end is anchored into place with removable anchor bolts and the opposite end has corresponding ratchets which allow the cover to be tightened. 


Two people are required to operate this cover. Once the cover has been removed and rolled-up, it can be stored away easily. No construction is needed for this cover. 


A variety of colours means this cover can blend into the look and feel of the outdoor living area 


Some advantages of this cover include: 


– simplicity of design and ease of use 

– its durability 


Added Benefits

When the cover is tensioned horizontally across the pool, the poles are pulled downwards thus allowing zero access or tampering, or release attempts by children and pets due to the overlap. The covers are made from a durable PVC material (600-700 gsm), aluminium battens and industrial strength stainless steel ratchets. This cover can hold up to 150 kg across the cover collectively.

Our cover is manufactured with drainage holes in between each pole to eliminate water from collecting on top of the cover.