How to Choose the Best Pool Safety Covers for Children and Pets in South Africa

How to Choose the Best Pool Safety Covers for Children and Pets in South Africa

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Pool Covers are an essential part of maintaining a safe and pleasant environment for your family ensuring that they can enjoy your pool throughout the summer months. South African law requires that if you have a swimming pool on your property, you need to take the steps to fit a reliable safety net or pool safety cover in order to ensure there are no accidents involving children.

If you want to enjoy peace of mind, you will need to make sure that you have the best safety net in place so that your family members can’t access the water without your presence – secure and tamper-proof pool covers are the best choice.

You need to be able to relax knowing that even when you aren’t able to keep an eye on the pool, the cover you have chosen will ensure that young family members can’t ever the pool without your say-so.

Automatic Vinyl Safety Covers

How Can You Protect Your Children and Pets From Falling Into the Pool Unsupervised?

Purchasing a high-quality safety cover for your pool is essential. This is one area of pool safety where you can’t afford to cut corners or scrimp on your spending. A pool cover that is built of inferior materials has weak stitching and low-grade material could prove to be a safety hazard and will mean you need to buy a replacement a lot sooner.

There are lots of aspects to consider when choosing a pool cover for your swimming pool in South Africa.

What to Look For in a Pool Cover to ensure Solid Safety for your Children and Pets?

You will need a High-Quality Pool Cover Made of the Best Materials

To make sure you are benefiting from the best possible safety net for your children, you will need to make sure the cover is made from strong and durable material which will not weather and wear quickly.

Your pool cover should be able to support the weight of your children or pets if they step on it, without collapsing and allowing them into the water. Strong, tightly woven material made of high-quality components will help to ensure the pool cover is durable and will remain protective even when exposed to extreme weather.

The Cover Should Have Sold Safety Features to Ensure Access is Restricted

It’s not enough to place the cover over the swimming pool and assume that the job is done. You need to ensure that even though the cover is in place, your children and animals will not be able to enter the water by tampering with attachments or anchors.

Pool Covers Should Help to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean and Warm

Investing in a multi-functional pool safety cover is the best way to make the most of your money. As well as ensuring that your pool is protected, the best child safety swimming pool covers will make sure to save you money by keeping the water protected from dirt, grit, leaves, and grime and reducing your pool heating costs.

The Pool Cover Should Be Attractive and Work Well with Your Outdoor Space

If you’ve spent time and effort landscaping your outdoor space and ensuring that your family has a pleasant environment to spend time in – you don’t want to ruin the effect by installing a cheap-looking safety cover that will ruin the outdoor ambiance.

Your Pool Safety Cover Should Be Easy to Apply and Remove

You will also need to thank about how easy it is to secure the cover properly at the end of the day and that you can easily remove it when you and your family want to take a dip.

If you are constantly struggling with the pool cover and find it hard to secure, your pool safety may be compromised if you haven’t been able to properly anchor the sides.

Where Can You Find the Best Pet and Child Safety Swimming Pool Covers in South Africa?

When looking for the best pool covers which offer sold safety features and high-quality materials, you should make sure to check the Pet and Safety Pool Safety Cover from Designer Pool Covers.

This high-quality, secure, and easy-to-secure pool cover is comprised of the best possible materials and the most effective safety features to ensure peace of mind and reliability.

What are the benefits of Using a Pool Safety Cover from Designer Pool Covers?

This Cover Will Support the Weight of Children and Pets to Provide a Solid Safety Net Across Your Pool

This pool safety option is comprised of a durable and weather-resistant PVC cover, industrial-strength steel rachets, and strong aluminum battens which will help to ensure that the cover remains securely attached and prevents children and pets from entering the pool. Up to 150kg can be held on the cover combined.

These Pool Covers are Tamper Proof When it Comes To Children and Pets

Children and pets will not be able to tamper with these solid safety pool covers when it is securely tightened across the pool. The secure safety design will make sure that the tension of the cover doesn’t go slack, no matter how much little hands play with it.

This Pool Safety Item is Easy to Secure and Remove

This simple and uncomplicated pool cover design is easy to secure for two adults and just as easy to remove. And when you want to leave the pool open, it will fold up easily for convenient storage.

You Can Start Using This Solid Safety Cover As Soon As It Arrives at Your Home

With no complicated setup required, this pool safety item can quickly be applied to your pool with minimal disruption so you can start using it right away.

This Pool Safety Tool Comes in a Variety of Attractive Colours

You can pick from a variety of attractive colours so that it fits in with the aesthetic of your outdoor area.

These Solid Safety Pool Protectors are Easy to Clean and Maintain

This high-quality PVC pool protector is an easy cleaning option, meaning you can easily remove grit and grime that accumulates on the top side and ensure that no algae or other bacteria fester on the underside.

These Pool Covers are Designed to Allow Easy Drainage and Prevent Water from Gathering on the Surface

These pool covers feature drainage holes to make sure that the solid safety features aren’t compromised by the weight of water on top of the pool cover.

How Does the Pet and Child Swimming Pool Cover Work?

Ease of use is essential when it comes to solid safety pool covers. You need to be able to easily and securely protect the pool every time you apply the cover. These pool covers are simple to use and easy to place over the pool when secured by two people.

The durable PVC cover is buttressed by strong aluminum battens which ensure that it remains correctly placed across the pool area. These battens are secured with stainless steel heavy-duty anchor bolts and rachets which allow you to adjust the tension of the pool cover.

Automatic Vinyl Safety Covers

Why Should You Choose Designer Pool Covers for your Safety Pool Cover?

So now that you know the benefits of the pool, why should you consider Designer Pool Covers for the supply and installation of your pool cover?

1 Year Guarantee on your Pool Cover

Once you have put the safety pool cover on your property, you will benefit from a one-year guarantee on the product. No matter how far you are in the season if there is a fault which your pool cover, you can contact Designer Pool Covers for repairs or replacements.

Designer Pool Covers Have Been Supplying Pool Covers to South African Properties for over Ten Years

That experience comes with a depth of expertise that will ensure that you get the safety and reliability you expect from the best pool covers on the market.

Expert Installation Services

The experienced installation team at Design Pool Covers South Africa will make sure that the installation is quick and smooth and that you are aware of how the safety features work before you leave. And if you have any technical questions, there is a friendly and knowledgeable team you can contact.

Access to an Exclusive range of High quality and Durable Pool Covers

Designer Pool Covers is a top-of-the-line supplier that offers exclusive designs and bespoke solutions in safety covers so that pool owners have the best possible options for pools of all types and sizes.

Contact Designer Pool Covers Today to Discover Which Child and Pet Safety Pool Covers Are the Best Matches for your property.

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