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Inaugurates New Branch in George to Serve the Eastern Cape Area

Designer Pool Covers is a premier South African provider of pool covers and safety equipment. The company is now opening doors to their new branch in George in order to serve clients in the Eastern Cape Area.

Ever since its inception in 2012, Designer Pool Covers has become a leading provider of swimming pool covers and pool safety equipment in South Africa. Over the years, the company has expanded with branches in JHB, Durban and Cape Town. The company is now expanding even further with a new location in George that is set to open its doors in July, 2022. The new branch will be able to serve a larger demographic of clients all across Eastern Cape. It will help Designer Pool Covers further solidify their notable reputation in the market.

Vikus Booyens, the Designer Pool Cover representative for Eastern Cape, made an official statement for the press “Here at Designer Pool Covers, we are passionate about providing high quality pool safety covers and equipment to our clients. We also offer pool maintenance services and are now very excited about the launch of our new location in George. Our line of products includes PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Covers, Automatic Vinyl Safety Covers, Thermal blankets, Pet and Child Safety Cover and more.”

Designer Pool Covers aims to offer pool safety solutions for all kinds of properties including residential properties, commercial properties, public swimming pools, hotels and more. Their products aim to keep the pools clean during off season, while also ensuring utmost safety for households with young children or pets. Areas of service at the new Georgia location will include Plettenberg bay, Knysna ,St Francis, Jeffreys bay, Port Elisabeth, Mossel bay and more.


The History of George, Western Cape, South Africa

The history of George is kept alive at the museum in George, South Africa. The city was established in the late 18th century as a Dutch East India Company timber cutting station. It gained international fame as a lumber hub in the 19th century. The museum’s main exhibition theme is Indigenous Woods and Associated Industries of the Southern Cape. Visitors are invited to view the artifact collection and learn more about the history of the region.

This province’s history is so rich, it would require an entire semester in a university. The people of George are proud of their land, which is evidenced by the countless heritage sites. There are many reasons why the province has survived two centuries of history. The many heritage sites and unbridled beauty of the George region are sure to make any visitor proud. And the 200-year-old history of George is no small feat!

On the George side of the mountain, a stone tollhouse was built in 1847. Its tariff was advertised. The toll keeper raised a bar across the road to separate vehicles and animals. Later, this was changed to a paved street. This was followed by a new road from George to the toll-house in 1870. It took only one year to build the new road. The town grew and prospered in the meantime.


If you’ve never been to George – South Africa, you’re missing out on some of the country’s most scenic spots. This city is well-known for its many golf courses. It also has a museum dedicated to the history of the timber industry. The Outeniqua Transport Museum displays vintage automobiles and steam trains. The Garden Route Botanical Garden also has trails and fynbos plant collections. The Seven Passes road runs through the Outeniqua Mountains.

It was founded in 1811 as the first British settlement in the Cape Colony and named after King George III, as was George Peak nearby.

Located on the Garden Route, George boasts a 650km2 continuous forest area. George is a picturesque city located between Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. During summer, the average temperature in George is 25 degrees Celsius, and winters are relatively mild. George offers many outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, horseback riding and hiking. Visit the museums and historical sites of the city to learn more about its rich heritage.

There are several townships in the town, including Meade House which boasts an exceptional wine collection. Visitors to George can tour these historical sites on organised tours. Outdoor pursuits also rank high on the city’s list of things to do. George is home to many popular activities, including hiking, birdwatching and canoeing, horse riding, mountain biking, and horse riding.

The Garden Route is half way between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. George is the capital of the province. Surrounded by a mountain range, forests and rivers, this town has a laid-back atmosphere that makes it an ideal stopover for those who love nature. The area is home to the Outeniqua Transport Museum, Montagu Pass, Victoria Bay and the Seven Passes Drive. It is also a great place for hiking, with numerous trails available to hikers and nature lovers.

There are many attractions in the area. George is a great starting point for day trips. To the north is the Outeniqua Mountain Range, which means “bearer of honey.” To the south are the Outeniqua Rivers, which are cool and dark, perfect for hiking, biking, and even rock climbing. You’ll want to sleep every night if you get outeniqua fever.

George, South Africa, is a city along the Garden Route that is well-known for its scenic golf courses and botanical gardens. It also has a number of timber industry exhibits. The George Museum has exhibits on the local timber industry. Steam trains and vintage cars are also displayed at the Outeniqua Transport Museum. The Garden Route Botanical Garden features trails and fynbos. Driving through the Outeniqua Mountains would make George a pleasant experience.

The Outeniqua Transport Museum was once a train station but now displays an exceptional display about the country’s history. Visitors can see various types of old steam locomotives, privately owned Vintage cars, road motor vehicles, and a brilliant collection of steam locomotive number plates. The museum also showcases a beautiful old dining car. It is an excellent place to spend the day in George. There are many attractions in the town that will appeal to everyone.

Designer pool covers open’s new branch in George to service the Eastern Cape. (South Africa)

Designer Pool Covers George
Unit 3A Steinhof business park PW Botha BLVD George
South Africa 6529

Willem de Wet 082-461-8330

 (Eastern Cape Representative)

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