PoolLock Hydraulic Automatic Cover


Our hydraulic “direct drive” motor/s power the automatic system, which effortlessly opens and closes the cover by turning a key. The ultimate safety cover option is ensured with the cover’s movement on a track system, located at a safe distance from the pool. The electrical motor, called the Power Pack, is situated next to the Pool Pump, making it impossible for any electrical installation to be installed within a meter from the water area. This option caters to both small (5m x 3m) and large (25m x 8m) pools.

This system offers many benefits, including a very long lifetime and adaptability. Moreover, it eliminates the risk of electric-related injuries, as no electrical installations are near the pool, and any motor damage caused by water is prevented. The system can handle up to 250 kg per m² and can open and close in under 60 seconds.

  • Very long lifetime
  • Adaptable and versatile
  • Eliminates risk of electric-related injuries
  • Prevents motor damage caused by water
  • Can handle up to 250 kg per m²
  • Opens and closes in under 60 seconds

Added Benefits

As parents and as owners of Designer Pool Covers, we strongly encourage all pool owners to have a comprehensive safety plan in place. It is mandatory by law to have a safety feature such as a net, fence, or pool cover* installed for every pool.

Our range of covers is the perfect safety device as it acts like a horizontal fence, sealing off the pool completely and preventing accidental or unsupervised access by children, pets, and uninvited visitors.

In addition to this, our range of covers boasts other safety features, such as:

• Strength: our covers can support up to 150kg (on manual options) and 250 kg per m² (on automated options).

• Accessibility: our covers can be locked and closed using various systems, depending on the product chosen.

• Tamper-proof and durable.

*More information about each product will be covered in the following sections.

We recommend implementing multiple layers of security around your pool. However, it’s important to note that proper supervision and safety practices are irreplaceable.

By keeping your pool covered when not in use, you can enjoy several economic benefits for both yourself and the environment, such as:

• Minimizing water evaporation by up to 80%.

• Significantly reducing your pool water heating costs.

• Saving up to 70% on chemicals.

• Reducing maintenance and upkeep time.

• Ensuring that your pool is always ready for a swim.

You’ve created the perfect pool to enjoy moments of peace, pleasure, and relaxation. By using one of our products to cover it, you can ensure that:

• Dirt, leaves, and debris are kept out of the pool.

• Some options even keep rainwater out.

Save time and effort on cleaning – simply open a Designer Pool Cover, and your pool will be crystal clear and swim-ready all year round.

We offer customized manual or automatic covers and provide a variety of installation options (including above ground or below ground) for new builds, existing, and free-form pools based on your requirements and project budget.

In addition, we provide different color options and finishes to choose from.

Installation Options

The installation type is exclusively used for rectangular pools that are either newly built or undergoing renovation. This is due to the installation requirement of the pocket profile with the under track under the coping tiles/decking. The mechanism is installed in a concrete pit on the deep end of the pool, with the option of incorporating a vanishing lid system to match the pool’s finish (tiling or decking).

This option offers several advantages, such as the absence of obstructions around the pool area, preserving the aesthetic environment. It allows for effortless maintenance and is easily sustainable.

Opting for this installation type requires some work to be done around your pool. The principle is similar to the ‘under track – under mechanism option,’ except the mechanism is positioned in a pit below the pool level, which needs to be built. Optional extras include a vanishing lid system to match your pool’s finish (tiling, decking, or steel).

This option offers several advantages, including a straightforward installation process and easy maintenance.

If you prefer minimal work around your existing swimming pool, you can opt for this installation type. The track is installed parallel to each other on top of your coping or decking, and the mechanism sits flush with the pool’s finished level. This installation uses the top (or flat) track, which can be covered with a bench for sitting.

This option offers several advantages, including a quick turnaround on installation and easy maintenance.

The optimal choice for new pool constructions is to install the pit during the building phase, which is simpler to execute. In this case, the cover functions on a track system, with one side attached to the external wall of the rim flow.

One of the benefits of this alternative is that it doesn’t create any obstructions in the pool surroundings, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the pool environment and the rim.

The PoolLock Hydraulic Vinyl Cover is an excellent choice for both existing and newly built free form pools. It requires a flat surface around the pool and enough space to install the tracks on the paving. The tracks are installed parallel to each other on top of the coping or decking, and the mechanism sits flush with the pool’s surface.

This installation can use the top or flat track, and the mechanism can be covered with a bench. One of the benefits of this option is its fast installation and straightforward maintenance.

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Cover Pools Saf-T®3 Electric Cover


We are thrilled to announce that Designer Pool Covers Pty Ltd has become the authorized dealer of Cover Pools Inc., the largest automatic pool cover company globally.

Cover Pools’ Saf-T®3 steel cable covers are cutting-edge automatic pool covers that provide the simplest way to keep your pool covered. With just a key turn or button press, your pool is protected in less than a minute.

Whether you’re already a pool owner or planning to build one, a Cover-Pools Saf-T®3 automatic pool cover is the ideal solution to safeguard your loved ones and investment. It guarantees that your swimming pool remains a source of joy and entertainment for all.

Added Benefits

The Saf-T®3 automatic pool cover is the most secure and user-friendly pool cover available on the market. With a straightforward turn of a key, your pool can be covered or uncovered in less than a minute. The Cover-Pools cover acts as a “horizontal fence” for your pool, deterring access by children, pets, and uninvited guests.

By preserving heat, chemicals, and cleaning, as well as prolonging equipment life, your Saf-T®3 cover rapidly pays for itself. You can save up to 70% on operating expenses, making it a fantastic return on investment.

By covering your pool when it’s not in use, you can significantly reduce water evaporation, resulting in substantial savings on your pool water heating costs. With the pool always ready for swimming, you’ll also save money on chemicals, as their usage is reduced due to decreased evaporation. As a result, pool chemicals typically last twice as long.

In addition to reducing evaporation, PoolLock covers also cut your heating costs since the most significant heat loss is through water evaporation, which can be eliminated by covering your pool. The savings in heating costs can be as high as 70% when compared to the costs of heating an uncovered pool.

PoolLock covers effectively keep dirt, leaves, and debris away from your pool. Simply close the cover when the pool is not in use to keep it crystal clear. The cover reduces the need for pool cleaning and maintenance.

You’ve invested in designing and constructing the pool of your dreams, a source of joy and relaxation for you, your loved ones, and friends. Don’t waste your valuable time cleaning it. With PoolLock covers, you can enjoy your pool without any worries about maintenance.

Installation Options

Different types of below-ground systems can be chosen at the start of swimming pool construction. Below are some of the solutions that can be offered, with the option to provide a covering for the cover pit for each cover system:

  • In the cover pit behind the pool
  • Inside the pool
  • In a pit with a front panel
  • In the bottom
  • In cover housing
  • In the steps with an upper panel
  • In a recess in the wall
  • Underneath the bottom with a removable lid
  • Underneath the bottom with an automatic lid
  • In the middle with an automatic lid

When installing a cover system on an existing swimming pool, below-ground solutions may not always be possible. In such cases, above-ground systems are the go-to solutions. The advantages of these systems include optimal use of the operational length of the swimming pool and no need for complex adjustments to the structure of the swimming pool. Below are some of the above-ground solutions that can be offered:

  • With side panels (without bench)
  • Removable (manual/automated)
  • Cover at height
  • With solar-powered motor
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