Month: December 2021

Pool Cover Costs Are Pool Covers Worth the price?

Automatic Slatted Pool Covers

Who wouldn’t want a home with an outdoor pool? It’s like a dream. However, nothing is free of hidden costs. Heating. Cleaning. Chemicals. Equipment. Removal of leaves. Repairs. Then, you realize yourself paying more for keeping the pool clean than the cost of the pool. There’s a solution that is covered swimming pools. It’s the plan anyway. With so many cost of pool covers, it’s natural […]

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Are Swim Pool Covers Worth the Investment?

Is a Swimming Covers Worth the Investment? Whether you’re planning on building a pool or you’ve already got one in your garden, they can cost a small fortune. Cleaning, filling with water, and heating are all added expenses. Understandably, on top of everything, it’s easy to assume a swim cover is just another unnecessary cost. […]

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